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The homeland of the beans is Central Asia and South America, China and India. After P. Vulgaris L. was brought from America to Europe in the 16th century, it spread all over the world. According to ancient Indian sources, beans have been eaten as a vegetable in South America for 6000 years. It has been revealed during the excavations that Native Americans buried beans, one of their main foodstuffs, in graves with the dead in Peru and North America. In Europe, only dried beans and canned beans were eaten in the past, but later they entered the kitchen. What Hippokrates and Theophrast mentioned is Dolichos Lubia Forsk bean grown in Egypt and Eastern Mediterranean countries. I think that the bean has a very important place in the nutrition of the Turkish society, and the statement “He considers himself as a blessing like a bean” explains the best.

Medicinal Properties: Strengthening, diuretic, blood cleanser, stimulant, softener.

Bean is a calorie vegetable that regulates metabolic disorders and strengthens liver and heart tissue. A substance found in bean seeds regulates the number of white blood cells that are out of balance. Boiled beans contain high levels of potassium, so people with high blood pressure are recommended to eat plenty.

Uses: Albuminuria, arteriosclerosis, insects, convalescence, liver, rheumatism, sugar, burns

Botanical: Bean species are annual plants, usually climbing and wrapping plants. The leaves are triplets, and flowers of various colors bloom in bunches from the leaf seats. The seeds are inside the scrubs. Large-scale agriculture is carried out in our country.

The main species grown in Turkey Ayşekadın beans, pinto beans, bush beans is sugar.

There are over a thousand species of beans, but nearly a hundred are cultivated all over the world. The most important of these are P. Acutifolius, P.Coccineus, P. Lunatus and P. Vulgaris. In the past, cowpea was also considered as a type of bean. These are now counted in terms of vigna.

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